Denriss of the Weird Water

Denriss is a 19 year old Catfolk that had to leave his tribe in exile. He is realitively short for his race at 5'1" and a light build of 145 lb. He fur is a mainly white with large blackand grey stripped spots all over his body with a slight mask over h


Str 16 Dex 20 Con 15 Int 15 Wis 14 Cha 15
Rng 3
HP 37
Longsword, Short sword, Starknife, Long Bow, 20 arrows 10 sleep arrows
Softpaw Boots, Chain shirt +1
Fort 5, Reflex 8, Will 3


Denriss of the Weird Water was sent away from his tribe after a hunt that became much more. He was ahead of the main hunting party in search of game trails, He didn’t spot any, but did find a small spring hidden in the fields that seemed almost invisible unless you come right up to it. He didn’t notice that there was no animal tracks leading to the spring so when he informed the hunt leader of a good source of water, his group was unprepared for the Water Weird that attacked them.
The elemental was more then the small party could handle. Denriss was barely able to get away alive as his whole group were drowned before his eyes. When he informed the elders of his tribe of what happen they got very angry at him. It seems that the spring he found was a sacred site of worship for Kelizandri, the elemental lord of water. Because he failed to understand what the spring was and it cost them a hunting party he was exiled from the tribe.

Denriss of the Weird Water

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