Welcom to Mt. Evermordoom

The hack-and-slash dungeon-crawl home for heroes who’ve out lived their campaigns. Whyle the great dragon Evermordoom does dwell here, you are far more likely to die at the hands of one of his infinite level-bosses and their merciless minions before you could ever delve low enough to face the Colossal+ Great Wyrm.

Nobody really cares how you got here. Perhaps the last scroll of ancient wisdom you opened was one of the thousands of cursed teleport traps spread by the cult of Evermordoom throughout the planes. Maybe you actually sailed the boundles sea as part of one of the many sponsored expeditions to the desolate peaks where Mt. Evermordoom hides, only to narrowly escape as your expedition is disolved by a brace of Elder Black Puddings. Maybe your maiden won’t let you return until you’ve claimed a sufficient fortune. Maybe your a thief waiting to jump the next group of suckers on their way out. Maybe you’re a Dwarf and you just don’t know better.

As a general rule; the lower levels harbor more challenging monsters with greater treasures. Luck favors those who document their adventures to add to The Tales of Evermordoom. If you are a “Holier than thou,” self-righteous role-player you may find there is plenty of role-playing to be had for those who seek it, just don’t take too long on your initiative. If your buddy automaticaly attacks every NPC you encounter, you may want to keep one eye on a good retreat route. Don’t take it the wrong way if you die and I jump up and do my obnoxious evil-DM victory dance, just have a few spare characters handy.

Mt. Evermordoom

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